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Gustav Stickley's Logo from "The Craftsman Magazine" - Translated as: "As Best I Can"
"As Best I Can"
Logo of Gustav Stickley's
 "The Craftsman" Magazine
Published 1901 - 1916












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The Craftsman Magazine Corner

Most of you reading this are already familiar with the Arts & Crafts style, Gustav Stickley, and his magazine The Craftsman.  Stickley published The Craftsman Magazine on a monthly basis between October 1901 and November1916.  Taken collectively, the magazine defined a framework for an honest and simple lifestyle that valued straightforward artisanship and eschewed undue ornamentation. 

Home Training in Cabinet Work: 
New Series of Practical Talks on Structural Wood Working 

So, as a budding woodworker around the turn of the last century, how great would it have been to apprentice at home under 'The Craftsman' himself - Gustav Stickley?  As editor of The Craftsman Magazine, as well as founder of the Stickley Furniture Company, Mr. Stickley published a series of articles, beginning  in the February 1905 issue, aimed at bringing along the budding cabinetmaker.  In addition to dispensing advice on what makes up a solid kit of tools, wood selection, and finishing, he also provides plans and material lists to take you from a rank beginner to a good solid craftsman.  Be advised that the plans are are short on instructions, but an intermediate woodworker should be able to figure out the joints and how they should be fitted.

• First Article in the Series - February 1905
As expected, Mr. Stickley starts out with simple, small scale projects designed build confidence and instill good work habits.  But, surprisingly, he moves quickly to building a child's chair, albeit a simplified one without compound angles or splayed legs. His selection of projects would be great for a woodworking parent to work on with a budding young woodworker. 

•  Bird House •  Childs Arm Chair
•  Dog House •  Medicine Cabinet  
•  Childs Chair  •  Wall Cabinet

• Second Article in the Series - March 1905
Mr. Stickley take us in to the public areas of the house in this lesson.  He offers up a variety of small tables or plant stands --  tabourets (ta-bu-ray) as he refers to  them.  He then moves up to an occasional table and and on to a couple of full sized tables, including one with a rule-joint.  These projects are reaching difficulty level of the average woodworker today equipped with power tools. 

•  Round Tabouret •  Round Table
•  Square Tabouret •  Library Table   
•  Octagonal Tabouret      •  Drop Leaf Table

• Third Article in the Series - April 1905 Mr. Stickley take a turn in to various forms of furniture in this article.  From a simple foot stool and a bedroom screen, to a unique upright desk and a fairly complex garden bench. 

•  Foot Rest •  Childs Arm Chair
•  Fold Down Desk      •  Screen 
•  Desk Chair •  Shirt-Waist Box
•  Garden Bench     

• Fourth Article in the Series - May 1905
In this round, Mr. Stickley shows us some classic Arts & Crafts cabinet work as well as a library table and clock that will warm the heart of any Mission Style furniture fancier.  The pieces offered this time around are: 

•  Magazine Cabinet     •  Hall Clock
•  Library Table •  Brides Chest   

• Fifth Article in the Series - June 1905
In this article titled:  The Texture and Qualities of Natural Woods, Their Individuality and Friendliness, Mr. Stickley discusses the various species of wood and their suitability for various tasks.  He also discusses flat sawn versus quartersawn, as well as finishes and chemical fuming.  

• Sixth Article in the Series - July 1905
In this installment, Mr. Stickley ups the difficulty level with some lathe turned pieces, a bit of curved work, and a leather upholstered chair.  He also asks his readers if they would like to see this type of article continued in the magazine.  - our answer 100 years hence would be a resounding YES!  The pieces offered this time around are:

•  Secretaire •  Arm Chair
•  Dining Table     •  Writing Desk

• Seventh Article in the Series - August 1905
This time, after some discussion regarding finishing techniques, Mr. Stickley features a very handsome bookcase complete with drawers and cabinet doors with diamond grilles.  All the pieces in the article are: 

•  Bookcase w/Drawers     •  Bedstead
•  Childs High Chair •  Revolving Bookrack

• Eighth Article in the Series - September 1905
Mr. Stickley measures up a great A&C style porch swing and an arch style hanging bookcase that would be at home in a boys room or a family room.  N.B. This reprint comes complete with a 100-year-old transposition in the "mill bills of lumber" between the swing seat and the hanging shelf, but I believe the you can figure it out.  The three plans offered are: 

•  Porch Swing Seat    •  Wall Cabinet

•  Hanging Arched Bookshelf            

• Ninth Article in the Series - October 1905
Some really classic Arts & Crafts pieces are offered up this month.  You've probably seen images of the clocks in this article.  The two fireplace mantels are designed in a very honest and straightforward style.   Five plans are offered: 

•  Fireplace Mantel "A"   •  Fireplace Mantel "B"
•  Hallway Clock •  Mantel Clock

•  Wall Clock

• Tenth Article in the Series - January 1906  
In this installment, Mr. Stickley provides plans for one of his most famous pieces, the Morris Chair, along with a nice library table style writing desk.

•  Writing Table  •  Morris Chair
•  Small Book Cabinet •  Lidded Shoe Box

• Eleventh Article in the Series - February 1906  
Mr. Stickley shows us the details for a five-legged, round dining table along with matching, leather padded, arm and side chairs.

•  Dining Table  •  Arm Chair

•  Side Chair

• Twelfth Article in the Series - March 1906  
This month we open the magazine to find a very nice five-drawer sideboard with two cabinets secured with frame and panel doors, along with a high-backed leather settle, and a simple wall mounted plate rack.

•  Sideboard  •  High Back Settle

•  Plate Rack

• Thirteenth Article in the Series - April 1906  
These next two plans are the most involved as yet.  A corner china cabinet with 45 degree angled back and handmade mullions.  The serving table is much more modest, but very handsome. 

•  Corner China Cabinet •  Serving Table

• Fourteenth Article in the Series - May 1906  
Again, Mr. Stickley serves up two plans, this time for childrens furniture in a simple Craftsman style.

•  Childs Trestle Table •  Childs Settle

• Fifteenth Article in the Series - June 1906
This month the offering is three additional simple pieces.

•  Bedroom Night Stand •  Hall Table with Mirror

•  Hall Settle

• Sixteenth Article in the Series - July 1906
Mr. Stickley goes "rustic" this month, producing three pieces suitable for a Catskills cabin retreat.

•  Rustic Flower Stand •  Rustic Covered Seat

•  Rustic Easy Chair

• Seventeenth Article in the Series - August 1906
Mr. Stickley continues with the "rustic" theme, with three more useful outdoor pieces .

•  Rustic Arm Chair •  Rustic Swing Seat

•  Rustic Low Table

• Eighteenth Article in the Series - September 1906
In a continuation of the theme, Mr. Stickley offers three pieces for indoor use.

•  Saw Horse Table •  Low Rustic Lounge

•  Novel Rustic Bed

• Nineteenth Article in the Series - October 1906
Mr. Stickley returns to the craftsman style that he is so famous for - this time with four pieces for a child's room. .

•  Child's Open Bookcase •  Spindle-Bed for Child
•  Childs Settle •  Childs Dresser

• NEW   Twentieth Article in the Series - November 1906
Mr. Stickley returns to the craftsman style that he is so famous for - this time with four pieces for a child's room.

•  Low Table •  Pianola Record Cabinet

• NEW   Twenty-First Article in the Series - December 1906
Mr. Stickley returns to the craftsman style that he is so famous for - this time with four pieces for a child's room.

•  Hall Bench • Library Table

•  Round Table

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